Dreamer & Co partners with a group of women artisans who have been trained to create handmade paper bead jewelry. These women come from low-income families and they are sisters, mothers, friends, and hard-workers.

We collaborate with a local non-profit and have the privilege to come alongside their years of experience working with these women. The non-profit selected these women because they were from low-income families, lacked a formal education above grade school, and were identified as strong, hard-working, and teachable.

"If it were not for this opportunity, I would be at home sitting and doing nothing."

Once the non-profit taught them how to make paper bead jewelry they then started selling locally in shops and foreign military bases. After a few years, they organized as their own business and now work almost independently from the non-profit. However, their market still remains small, and they do not bring home enough money to equal a living wage. In fact, the income is only a supplement to what their other family members can contribute. 

Our desire at Dreamer & Co is to work side by side with these women helping them expand their market into the United States.

But we don't want to stop there.

As dreamers, we are constantly thinking of ways we can be more involved in the lives of these women. One way we plan to do this is through vocational trainings. When we sat down with these women and asked them what they would like to learn, their eyes grew wide and they began shouting different skills they wished they had—English, French, Reading, Writing, etc.

This is why Dreamer & Co was created. Our desire is to see them flourish in their daily lives and to become empowered and dignified, and we want them to see themselves as the strong, independent women they have become.

Meet our artisans