Dreamer & Co was co-founded by Baylee Eby and Jessica Gardner. Both Baylee and Jessica had the opportunity to visit and work with a local non-profit in the Horn of Africa; Jessica visited in 2014 and Baylee visited in 2015. One of the non-profit’s programs focuses on a women’s project house, where they teach low-income women different skills, such as making paper beads, sewing, and baking. In addition, they teach them how to do manage their finances and run a small business.

After both Baylee's and Jessica's visits, they saw how this program was a light in the darkness of poverty. There were smiles and laughter and faces of beautiful women who were proud of their work and had hope in their eyes.

Shortly after Baylee and Jessica began to ask themselves how they could do more? Baylee began to dream of a way to sell the women’s necklaces in the United States, and Jessica and her husband made the decision to move to the Horn of Africa to work with the non-profit full-time.

Upon learning of Jessica's decision, Baylee shared her dream of creating a bigger market for their jewelry as a way to provide the women with more income.  Jessica, excited for this idea, began working with Baylee to make Dreamer & Co a reality.


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Baylee is an adventurous nomad. Born into a military family, she has moved over 10 times and traveled to more than 30 countries across the world. While she currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Moose, she is firm believer in “home is where the heart is,” which is why her heart reaches to many places near and far.

Baylee graduated from the University of Virginia in 2014 with a B.A. in Russian Language and Eastern European Studies and in 2015 with a Master’s in Public Policy. Her Master’s thesis was on water provision for refugees in the Horn of Africa, which is what brought her to the area for the first time. 

She spends most of her free time rock-climbing with her husband, at the dog park with Moose, or reading an autobiography on someone’s faith journey while sipping Moroccan Mint Tea (also napping...). You can follow her adventures and pup on Instagram.



Jessica, along with her husband and two children, currently live in the Horn of Africa, but they also call Dallas, Texas home. They moved to the Horn in 2016 in order to work with low-income families and refugees.

Jessica graduated from Baylor University in 2007 with a BBA in business journalism and has her Master’s in Media & Communication from Dallas Theological Seminary. She has travelled to 27 countries and has spent the last 10 years working with non-profits to develop to help them better tell the stories of those affected by loss, crisis, and heartache. She is also a trained photographer and does weddings and portraits sessions in her spare time.

When not working or traveling, you can find her watching Netflix, drinking an almond lavender-vanilla latte, or exploring the city around her with a camera in hand. You can follow her adventures at www.thegardnerhome.com or on Instagram.